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Acetone Soak

Acrylic and Gel

To remove acrylic and gel nails at home, you’ll need a soaking solution. This chemical solution can be harsh on your skin and can damage cuticles. If you plan to do this at home, you should be sure to protect your hands by applying petroleum jelly.

prevent skin

Not only will this prevent skin irritation, but it also prevents the acetone from reaching the acrylic nail surface.

wooden applicator

You can use a wooden applicator to apply the petroleum jelly accurately. You can also use non-plastic tape to fasten the cotton balls.


If you prefer an easier process, you can always heat acetone in a microwave. Hot water dissolves acetone faster than cold water.

Warm Acetone

To warm acetone before using it for home nail removal, soak your fingertips in warm water for between ten and fifteen minutes. The water should be warm enough to cover the fingertips completely.

The method of removing gel nail polish at home requires a few basic supplies.

The first one is acetone. Pour a small amount into a small bowl and add a few pieces of paper towel to it.

This solution is an effective way to remove nail polish without damaging the nails.

You should be sure to use a thick layer to prevent the nail polish from coming into contact with the skin.

Another common type of nail polish that can be removed at home is dip powder.

It is easier to remove than gel manicures because the cyanoacrylate in the powder is more sensitive to solvents.

Removing Acrylic

Another method for removing acrylic nails at home is wrapping them in a tin foil or cotton ball. Using the tin foil is another method that works effectively and is much safer than soaking your fingers in acetone. Just keep in mind that acetone can be harsh on your skin, so it is important to use protective gloves. You can also use non-plastic tape to hold cotton balls.

Cotton Ball

Then, take a cotton ball and rub it over the nail, rubbing it over it until it is free of excess powder. If it is thick, you may need to repeat this step a few times to remove all of the powder.

After a couple of minutes, remove the aluminium foil or cotton ball from the nails. Then, you can wrap the cotton ball with tinfoil. After 15 minutes, the cotton balls should be soft enough to remove the nail polish. A warm towel can help speed up the process of polish removal.

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Acetone Soak

You can also use an acetone soak to remove acrylic nails at home. A hundred percent acetone solution can be placed in a large Ziploc baggie. It should form a pool in one corner.

Acrylic Nails

Once you’ve placed your acrylic nails inside the bag, soak them for about 15-20 minutes. You can then scrape off the acrylic nails by using a wooden cuticle stick. If there are any remaining residues, simply resoak your fingers in acetone for five more minutes and buff off the excess.

Before soaking your nails in acetone, file down the gel top coat. This will expose the gel polish underneath the nail plate and make the removal process easier.